devenir rosie

Une BD Si Je Veux, Quand Je Veux! by Shreyas R Krishnan

Images from Maison Fumetti

Becoming Rosie / Devenir Rosie, my non-fiction comic examining Rosie the Riveter and performative gender, is on display at Une BD Si Je Veux, Quand Je Veux! (A Comic Book If I Want, When i Want!), a show that brings together the works of 25 women from around the world, who use comics to talk about feminism. Organized by Maison Fumetti, the exhibition opens on Saturday (Feb 3) in Nantes, France and is open through April 14.

Aritsts in Une BD Si Je Veux, Quand Je Veux! are Pénélope Bagieu, Joris Bas, Alison Bechdel, Catel, Leela Corman, Chicks on Comics, Jacky Fleming, Gauthier, Nanna Johansson, Shreyas R. Krishnan, Oriane Lassus, Victoria Lomasko, Ulli Lust, Mirion Malle, Lisa Mandel, Thomas Mathieu, Delphine Panique, Power Paola, Liv Strömquist, Chloé Wary.