Concert Drawings / by Shreyas R Krishnan

I still remember one of the questions on my entrance exam for design school - draw a human in relation to one of the listed objects. Easy enough enough in theory. How often are we actually aware of the way our bodies interact with the objects in our lives? How often are we actually seeing, noticing? 

Concerts are one of my favorite places to draw at. Musicians are rarely still subjects- feet tap, fingers dance across instruments, faces and bodies contort as though music must be squeezed out of them. Musical instruments, almost always a collection of curved surfaces, become extensions of the musicians, moving and swaying with them.

Concerts are the perfect places to practice drawing humans with objects.

Drawings from an awesome (and long) gig at the Avondale Towne Cinema, GA. Some amazing music by Reverend Justin Hylton, Cicada Rhythm (my new favorite), and Joe McGuinness Trio (with Rafael Pereira and Drew Lloyd).